Bringing Back

~ The Ice Cream Man ~


Who Doesn't Like Ice Cream??? 

In October of 2015, Paul Serwatka wrote to Lakewood residents of the Lakewood village boards decision to begin enforcing a rather old, antiquated, and over-looked ordinance to prohibit "Itinerant Vending" within the village. 

The purpose for bringing up this long over-looked ordinance was to continue prohibiting the Ice Cream Man who had just started making his way back into some Lakewood neighborhoods.

President Serwatka's invitation was happily accepted and he soon began receiving dozens of emails and social media posts from delighted residents, sending photos of happy children with their ice cream covered smiles & telling how delighted they were to hear the songs of the ice cream truck and to watch as the colorful ice cream trucks came rolling down their streets.

In June 2017, as promised, newly elected village president, Paul Serwatka proposed an amendment of the ordinance that had previously prohibited the Ice Cream Man from the village.

The board's approval of this amended ordinance allowed the Ice Cream Man to return to Lakewood and, as also promised, Paul personally called Tropical Chill Ice Cream himself and invited them to begin visiting Lakewood.

 The Ice Cream Man 



A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website:  (CLICK HERE)

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