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Paul Serwatka Will PERSONALLY Call The Ice Cream Man... 


and Invite Him Back Into Our Village This Summer!

Opposing Views On

The Ice Cream Man

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A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website: www.elections.il.gov  (CLICK HERE)

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Trustee Paul Serwatka, and the

The Ice Cream Man's Demise   

Trustee Gene Furey was among those Insistent on Upholding and Enforcing Prohibition of the Ice Cream Man in our village. Without a majority vote, we were unable to lift the prohibition and the Ice Cream Man was prohibited from our village.

Who Doesn't Like Ice Cream??? 

In October of 2015, Paul Serwatka wrote to Lakewood residents of our village boards intentions to begin enforcing a rather old, antiquated, and over-looked ordinance to prohibit "Itinerant Vending" within the village. 

The entire purpose of bringing up this long over-looked ordinance was to begin enforcing and prohibiting the Ice Cream Man who had started making his way back into some Lakewood neighborhoods.

(See Page 51 in the Board Packet: HERE ) 


As Paul explained in his October, 2015 Newsletter, "Discussion ensued around potentially amending this section of the municipal code and imposing regulations on the Ice Cream Man rather than just prohibiting him from coming into Lakewood." 

"Deliberations lasted more than 45 minutes and trustee Paul Serwatka proposed striking this particular section of the ordinance and simply requiring the Ice Cream Man to:

  1. Comply with all state and county Health and other Licensing requirements
  2. Submit a valid business license and proof of insurance to the village
  3. Then, allowing the Ice Cream Man to come in to our village.

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Trustee Gene Furey (and others)

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