The "Business as Usual" Trustees

(Recently Resigned, Current and Former)

Trustee, Paul Serwatka 

(Candidate for Lakewood Village President)
Recently led the initiative to get Lakewood's historical Property Tax Freeze Advisory Referendum on the ballot - and passed - with an overwhelming 92% of Lakewood Voter's support in the November, 2016 General Election.   

Phil Stephan, Richard Ritchie and Amy Fues Odom

(Candidates for three Open Lakewood Trustee positions)

Assisted in the success of this initiative, to give residents a formal and official voice, helping to bring accountability to our village board. 

Learn more about our historical Property Tax Freeze Advisory Referendum on our HOME PAGE or in 2 Northwest Herald articles:

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The Lakewood Tax-Fighter & Better Government Team, comprised of these four candidates, is 100% committed to putting an end to the reckless spending, as well as the patronage hiring, contracts and bonuses, and the bloated & bureaucratic government that has overtaken Lakewood over the last decade or more.


With these changes alone, this team is confident that they can, in fact, REDUCE Lakewood's Property Tax levy, in the very next year, by an estimated 8 to 10%!


THAT BEING SAID, This team also brings innovative strategies to help stimulate residential construction, and continues to consult with local commercial development experts to help to responsibly, and advantageously, expedite Economic Development in our village.


Any Economic Development that would occur, if done responsibly, and advantageously, would enable Lakewood's Property Tax Levy to be reduced significantly further.   

10-Year Incumbent Trustee, Ken Santowski who recently resigned from his elected office of trustee, with more than 2 years remaining in his term...

(Now, Candidate for Lakewood village president)

(Read more about trustee Ken Santowski's recent resignation as trustee, in the Northwest Herald - CLICK HERE.)    
8-Year Incumbent Trustee, Gene Furey

Former Trustee, John Schrauf

(Running for office at the request of President, Erin Smith


Let's take a look at their track-records on Property Taxes 


  • Trustee Ken Santowski (Recently Resigned)  and
  • Trustee Gene Furey
  • Both voted 8-consecutive years for the Maximum Property Tax Hikes allowable by state law!  
  • In several years they actually voted to hike property taxes even HIGHER still, before state PTELL laws disallowed their requested hikes, capping them at a lower amount than they had attempted.

  • Trustee Ken Santowski (Recently Resigned)  and
  • Trustee Gene Furey

Both also opposed the recent Lakewood Property Tax Freeze Referendum - refusing to even sign the petition to help get the referendum on the November ballot for a vote!


Once the Lakewood Tax-Fighter & Better Government Team was successful in getting this referendum on the ballot to be voted on, Santowski, who refused to even sign the petition, told residents to vote NO at the ballot-box - stating publicly: "The referendum serves no purpose. If residents don't want the board to raise taxes, they can come to meetings and tell us so."

8-year incumbent trustee, Gene Furey and former trustee, John Schrauf, also opposed the recent Lakewood Property Tax Freeze Referendum.


Both Gene Furey and John Schrauf refused to even sign the petition to get the referendum on the November ballot - both stating: "the board of trustees are elected to make those decisions [on raising property taxes] for us."

These three "Business as Usual" trustees (recently resigned, current, and former), have proven they are 100% committed to protecting and continuing the status quo bureaucracy of Lakewood government.  

Additionally, as the public recently learned, both Ken Santowski and Gene Furey have continually voted in favor of awarding secret, patronage bonuses and raises - for 8-consecutive years - to former village manager, Catherine Peterson - causing her to be among the highest paid municipal managers in the country!


Read more about this in the June 2016 Newsletter. CLICK HERE.  

Opposing Views On

Property Taxe$

Which View Do YOU Share? 

Which team's views on Property Taxes are more in line with YOURS?

Be sure to Get out and VOTE for them on APRIL 4th!



A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website:  (CLICK HERE)

Copyright 2016, Lakewood Tax-Fighter & Better Government Project

The lakewood TAX-Fighter


Better Government Team

Trustee Paul Serwatka and the Entire

~ Phil Stephan ~
~ Richard Ritchie ~
~ Amy Fues Odom ~
Are 100% Dedicated to:
Spending responsibly,
Reducing bureaucracy,
& REDUCING Lakewood's Property Tax Levy!

lakewood TAX-Fighter


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