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A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website: www.elections.il.gov  (CLICK HERE)

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Frustrated by the dismal conditions of Lakewood's winter roads, trustee Paul Serwatka wrote to Lakewood residents, last December, asking their thoughts on our winter roads.

Then came an avalanche of more than a hundred emails from residents from every part of our village.

Families from several of the Redtail sections, families from Turnberry, from Brighton Oaks, and families from The Gates, all shared their stories of frustration and concerns for safety...

In the course of these dialogues, Paul Serwatka identified three residents who are undeniably experts in the field of efficient and effective Winter Road Management (Among them was Lakewood Tax-Fighter Team Member, Phil Stephan, who for example, has more than 30 years of experience as a CDOT Supervisor - overseeing winter road maintenance/management and implementing strategies to improve efficiencies in such)


Paul Serwatka sought to assemble a Winter Road"Task Force"  (much like the committees we currently have, or used to have and SHOULD have, for the lakes, golf course, etc.) comprised of these resident experts,  the appropriate village staff and Public Works personnel as well as any board members who wished to take part.

Together, they would analyze our budgetary allocations for winter road maintenance, manpower, equipment, and the actual road management strategies that are currently being implemented. Each of our resident experts were thoroughly confident that in a short time they could identify deficiencies and suggest efficiencies that would make for a marked improvement in our winter road conditions. 

Unfortunately, for Lakewood residents, this Task Force concept received ZERO support from fellow board members, including recently resigned trustee, Ken Santowski and 8-year incumbent trustee, Gene Furey who commended the work our Public Works Dept does on our winter roads and stated he "has no problem with our winter roads."  

(You can read a more detailed account of this in Paul' Serwatka's January Newsletter as posted HERE.)

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Paul Serwatka and The

Pledge to Lakewood Residents that once our TEAM is elected - this task-force WILL be implemented and our winter road conditions WILL be drastically improved in our very next winter!