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In recent years, even before becoming a Lakewood village trustee, I have spent quite a bit of time; walking our village, knocking on doors, and speaking with many of you - at your doors... at your kitchen tables... in your living rooms... some have even invited me to coffees with neighbors, and my family and I to barbecues and parties...
I can say, without exaggeration, that I have personally met and spoken with several hundred families in all parts of our village.
​In meeting, and speaking, with all of you, one thing that has become quite apparent to me, is that we have, within our village, a vast amount of knowledge... of expertise... of talent... in so many very relevant fields...
Furthermore, we have a tremendous amount of people, who really care about Lakewood. 
I have spoken with residents who are veteran Municipal Bond & Finance Analysts, Civil Engineers, Commercial Developers, Residential Developers, Public Works Supervisors, Road and Transportation Efficiency Experts, Golf Course Management Executives, Golf Course Groundskeepers, Forensic Auditors, Accountants, Office Managers, EPA Executives, Police Chiefs, Police Officers, Fire Chiefs, Firefighter/Paramedics, Municipal Lawyers, and on and on and on.....  
In so many of these conversations, I found myself, again and again, thinking, and saying to many of you, "Our village would benefit so much from your knowledge, expertise & experience..."  
Sadly, I also found myself, again and again, receiving an all too common response back.
Again and again, I was told by so many of you: "I have offered my time and my volunteer assistance, for the good of the village - but they were never interested - They never wanted it..."
I find this extremely sad...
I believe, that Lakewood's #1 Greatest Asset, is also Lakewood's #1 Most Untapped Resource... and that, is the wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience - as well as the desire to get involved - of OUR RESIDENTS!

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Better Government Team

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~ Amy Fues Odom ~

Paul Serwatka and The

Are 100% Committed to Tapping Into Lakewood's #1 Untapped Resource!
Our Entire Team Pledges to Working with Residents - Listening to, Learning from, and Consulting with Residents - and Encouraging Lakewood Residents to Get Involved In and Become a Part of, Our Village Government. 

An Observation,

and a Commitment...

from: trustee, Paul Serwatka 

As our next Village President, one of my foremost objectives will be to tap into this vast resource of resident experts... to continue to learn from them... to work WITH them... to invite them to take part in our government. 
There will be no secrets...
If we're doing it wrong, we need to know! If there's a better way, We need to find it!
As our next Village President, I will make it a priority to assemble a number of legitimate committees (such as the Winter Road Task Force I recently proposed) each comprised of residents with knowledge, experience and expertise in relevant fields. 
As our next Village President, I will continue to build a "cabinet" of resident (and other) experts with which I will readily communicate, consult and seek counsel.
And, as our next Village President, I will always remember - and ask you to remember as well - that I am but one man. I do not have all the answers, and will never pretend to. I will not pretend to know more (or better) than the 4000 residents who will entrust me to "oversee" our village government.
As our next Village President, I will be ever mindful that I am here to serve the residents (not to be served), to enrich the taxpayers and to empower families - and I will be ever vigilant in my efforts with politicians, developers, and others - that the Lakewood residents & taxpayers will be protected - and governed responsibly and advantageously - with the best interests of the PEOPLE of Lakewood being first and foremost. 

It's Time We Tap Into This Untapped Resource!

Trustee, Paul Serwatka