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Resident's Comments

Paul is that rare elected official who understands he represents the taxpayers and voters, rather than being an advocate for a bigger bureaucracy. He stepped up to the plate when we needed him, and his election sent a clear message. Thank you, Paul, for your dedicated and clear-headed service.

 Steve Willson ~ Gate 14,  Lakewood

Paul is our voice on the village board. He represents the honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness that the vast majority of politicians lack today. Trust is earned, not given. Paul earns it everyday!

 Dennis Nix ~ Redtail Drive,  Lakewood  

Paul is well known for his campaign to lower Lakewood property taxes, and that is what initially attracted our attention and support. What I have learned is that his effort to open Lakewood Government meetings, policies, and plans to residents is equally important. Paul wants lower taxes and a transparent government. Very refreshing for Lakewood taxpayers." 

Paul & Karen Macaluso ~ Brighton Oaks,  Lakewood 

Thank you, Paul, for your very open and transparent views to us, the homeowners and taxpayers of Lakewood. Thank you for having integrity, showing transparency, being honest, and challenging the "powers that be". We appreciate your loyalty to what you said you would do during your campaign. It is rare for "politicians" to actually DO what they said they would do during their campaign.  In God we Trust!" 

 Jennie & Ed Evensen ~ Turnberry Trail,  Lakewood 

PaulI want to thank you for doing exactly what you said you were going to do when you ran for the Lakewood board.  And thank you for keeping the residents informed about what is really going on…" 

 Amy Odom ~ Gate 16,  Lakewood

Finally a voice for the village residents! When village board members were driving their own personal agendas such as a sports complex, a new village hall, a feasibility study to turn the old village hall into a restaurant, an unapproved bonus for the village manager (not to mention one of the highest salaries paid to a village manager), all at the expense of taxpaying village residents, our disapproval was finally heard through the tireless efforts of Paul Serwatka. Thank you Paul for giving us a voice and making us heard again." 

 Peter Olsen ~ Gate 18,  Lakewood

“Our current board has "handcuffed" Lakewood residents from selling and moving out. Paul is determined to stop all the reckless spending. Need a bigger village hall? Put a trailer in the parking lot! Keep up the good work Paul

   Mike Gleason ~ Trevino Way,  Lakewood

Paul Serwatka is my kind of politician because he's actually not a politician at all. He is a person of the people, fighting for the taxpayers interest. In this day and age it is rare to find a political activist that goes against the grain, especially in Illinois. We applaud his efforts here locally and what he has done at the state level to reign in spending and provide transparency and accountability in local government. 


Thanks Paul! 

   Andy & Donna Knapp ~ Turnberry,  Lakewood

Paul Serwatka is like a breath of fresh air in Lakewood! I am appalled by the secrecy, lack of transparency and disregard, by this board, for the residents of Lakewood. I applaud Paul's hard work in bringing transparency, integrity and honesty back to Lakewood. Paul, you have our thanks and gratitude. Keep up the excellent work!

   Barbara Sokolowski ~ Georgetown at Turnberry,  Lakewood

“Thank you, Paul,  for your common sense approach towards accomplishing the promises you made to the taxpayers of Lakewood. You're a much needed breath of fresh air for a village well on its way to an irreversible stagnation. The fact that common sense and thinking of taxpayers first is considered rocking the boat speaks volumes.

   Jean & Jeff Heckman ~ Ponds of Turnberry,  Lakewood

“In all the years I've lived here, Paul is the only board member to report what is actually going on. Paul is for the people! I'm actually shocked he has survived on the board this long! Kudos to you Paul, for having the courage to call this board out on their actions! Love it!  Keep up the great job, we are on your side!!!

   Paul & Liz Stromberg ~ Turnberry,  Lakewood

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My first contact with Paul was a couple years back, when he knocked on our door in one of Lakewood's few  town home developments. We spent some time discussing several issues that I pointed out to him. He seemed impressed by my knowledge and I was certainly impressed with his energy and what he was attempting to do. I liked his tax initiative and signed right away.

I was further impressed when Paul sent out one of his newsletters about the TIF District established by the Village in their attempt to secure development property & how it will negatively impact school districts that serve the area. As a civil engineer, my experience is that once the TIF door is opened, it cannot be closed and developers will eventually get it approved for any development.

I later contacted the board about negotiations held between the Village and the new builder/developer in Falcon Greens which decreased the quality and desirability of the new homes. Paul is the only board member that responded and wanted to know if there is anything he could do to help.

Unfortunately, that is now water under the bridge - the new units will decrease the total value of our multi-family subdivision and future builders in Lakewood might be able to use this as an excuse for them to build less desirable homes in other areas of Lakewood. Not good government, in my opinion.

   Russ King ~ Falcon Greens, Lakewood

Paul Serwatka has been at the forefront of fighting for honest & limited government and against corruption no matter where it is found.

He insists that his neighborhood, village, county, state and country be represented by people of integrity.  If he cannot find that candidate, he becomes that candidate.

Paul tirelessly does the hard & tedious work it takes to make that possible. He fights the uphill battles with conviction & ultimately with a smile. He knows battles are better fought than ignored.

It is rare to find a principled, tested, citizen servant and a wonderful family man. Paul is all of those things and more.


I for one will recommend Paul Serwatka to all who will listen.”

   Mary Alger ~ Community Activist, Crystal Lake

“I grew up believing and understanding that those elected to Government, regardless of local, state or federal officials, were elected to serve in the best interest of the people who elected them and with that, are responsible for their actions, the expenditure or the moneys collected within that realm and to be transparent and honest. This has been sorely lost at all levels and having Paul Serwatka involved for us in the Lakewood Government has renewed hope that this is still possible.


I am excited about what can be done next and to give the Government back to the people. It is disheartening to find out the efforts to spend without the voice of the people agreeing and even more concerning that it appears that much has been attempted to cover up items that are the right of the people to know. Thanks, Paul. We appreciate your efforts and fighting for our rights.

   Nicol Ardito ~ Turnberry, Lakewood 

“In a day when the citizens of Lakewood need a voice of honesty, we find ourselves with a clear spokesman, a clear choice.


It isn't often that the voter gets to support what can be termed a "true believer" but this is the opportunity the residents of Lakewood have at this point in time. Paul is a true believer in smaller government, fiscal accountability and perhaps most importantly, the rights and liberty of the residents.

Paul is a man of quality, of character. What one sees with Paul is exactly what one gets as he is plain spoken on complex matters, which indicates a high degree of understanding and authenticity.”

   John J.W. Guanci ~ McHenry County Ethics Commissioner



A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website: www.elections.il.gov  (CLICK HERE)

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