With the incredible, and historical, success of PHASE I -  

The Lakewood Property Tax Advisory Referendum  “under our belt”…


With more than 2000 Lakewood residents, representing 92% of Lakewood voters, demanding accountability - at the ballot-box - from our village board, we headed into “PHASE II" of our effort, the Transformation of our Village Board. 


On April 4th 2017, Lakewood residents seized an opportunity to completely transform our village board by electing an entire team, comprised of a new president and three new trustees, committed to Restoring Accountability, Providing Utmost Transparency, and working to lower Property Tax Burdens for Lakewood Families...


The election of the Lakewood Tax-Fighter Team, quite frankly - means the end of “business as usual” in Lakewood government - and in a very literal sense! 


This team represents the end of the “Status Quo / Business as Usual" Politics that had controlled our village for more than a decade.

This team is here for one reason - and one reason only:


To Give Our Village Government Back to the Residents!


This team even offered an unprecedented Self-Imposed Recall Pledge to residents, that has never before been made

Our Unprecedented Pledge

& Commitment to You

~ Our Self-Imposed Recall Pledge ~

Each member of our team believes that residents should not have to wait until the end of a 4-year term, to "vote-out" an elected official who does not faithfully work to fulfill promises and diligently pursue the fulfillment of their duties. 


And, while Illinois law does not include a provision to allow for the recall of elected officials, We believe it should!


We believe that any elected official who claims to serve and represent the best interests of their constituents, should willingly step-down from that office if asked to do so by those that he/she purports to represent. 


That being our sincere belief, here is our pledge to you:


No Elected Official Has Ever Offered Such a Pledge!



A copy of our report with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board's official website: www.elections.il.gov  (CLICK HERE)

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